Discover a world of flavour with our excellent E-Liquids, sourced from our trusted partners and vendors. Our selection is extensive and will satisfy every palate. E-Liquids (Vape Juice or E-Juice) come in different nicotine strengths including zero %. These juices are used in Pod and Mod devices, so both mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL) vaping devices. All Vaping devices need E-Liquid, which has as a base liquid Propylene Glycol (PG)/ Vegetable Glycerin (VG), to make vapor. Flavours and nicotine are added. The three types of juices are Freebase and Nicotine Salts, which are suitable for MTL devices, and the thicker sub-ohm juice which is used with DTL devices. Embark on your flavour journey today!

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  • VE Premium – Freebase


    Made in NZ and offering a diverse range of flavours, VE’s Freebase ranges are smooth and delicious.

    Grandpa Joe’s: Creamy butterscotch with caramel
    Mo’s Vanilla Custard: Vanilla Custard with Banana and a hint of cinnamon

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  • Sun Bear – Freebase


    Experience the natural warmth of SunBear Vape Juice with sun-soaked flavors, blending sweetness and smoothness into the perfect blend for summer!

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