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  • IGET Bar Plus Pod 2.0

    $13.97 - $19.95

    IGET Bar Plus 2.0 is a new-generation vape device that offers convenience and simplicity in a compact and portable package. With its sleek design and lightweight construction, the IGET Bar Plus is perfect for on-the-go vaping.

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  • IGET Moon Plus K5000


    Single-use/Disposable device manufactured by IGET with a child lock system (please refer to packaging for instructions).

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  • Jupiter Pod

    $14.00 - $20.00

    The powerful NEW! Vapengin Jupiter 2 pod device pairs with the giant 9,000 puff disposable pods in a vast variety of flavours!

    How to lock / unlock your device:
    • How to unlock (when locked); 3 repetitive detachments of pod from battery or 3 quick repetitive puffs on device.
    • How to lock (when unlocked); 3 repetitive detachments of pod from battery

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  • IGET Bar 2.0


    The new IGET Bar V2 is the future of vaping. This Vaping System gives you the freedom to enjoy all your favourite flavours, With a reliable battery and premium build this device will deliver 3500 puffs every single time.

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  • HQD Click Pod NZ

    $9.07 - $12.96

    HQD Cuvie click is the newest reusable and cost-effective product to hit the vaping market. Available in 10 popular favours, that are consistently high quality and flavoursome. This pod device is equipped with a magnetic side rail that allows for an oil cartridge to be quickly replaced. Offering up to 6000 puffs for your persistent…

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  • Master Tang – Salts


    Master Tang Salts is a premium and perfectly crafted nic salt, with well-balanced flavour that hits with a ZANG and finishes with a TANG!

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  • Sold out! Currently on Order.

    IGET Bar Plus Kit V2


    Introducing the New and Improved IGET Bar Plus Version 2, Compatible with the IGET Bar plus pod 2.0 : Child Safety lock, Removable battery, Puff Counter, Digital display – NZ Compliant. Available in 20 Flavours at 20mg , Small, Convenient and easy to use.

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